Living Vehicle And Volta Power System Create An Ecofriendly RV

Photo by Hanson Lu on Unsplash

It would be great to travel in an RV. You have everything you need from a bedroom to a kitchen and a bathroom. Great way to save some money from paying rent or a mortgage.

The only problem is RVs needing to be hooked up to shore power or a generator when not traveling. Also having to stay in RV parks is pretty limiting to people that want to stay elsewhere.

People with RVs want to live off-grid, away from city life and out in the wilderness. Two companies came together to give you the RV of your dreams.

Living Vehicle (LV) and Volta Power Systems team up to bring customers a luxury RV with the highest capacity lithium-ion system. The new system offers 3080 watts of solar power and 47,600 watt-hours of energy storage. That’s enough juice to charge your electric car.

These Living Vehicle RVs look like a trailer and a shipping container combined. They’re made out of materials with a low impact on the environment and be durable, self-contained, and self-sustaining. The LV also comes with a 100-gallon freshwater tank and oversized storage compartments. With all the features put together, they can support two people in a remote wilderness for about a month.

Americans that want to have the freedom to travel and avoid RV parks need an RV that can give them that freedom without sacrificing comfort. Joanna Hofman, cofounder of Living Vehicle, said “to enjoy true off-grid living, access to reliable energy is a necessary and life-sustaining resource for safety, health, and comfort.”

Many people are paying down payments o electric vehicles like Tesla which require access to reliable charging to be able to live off-grid. With LV, people can enjoy the off-grid lifestyle without worrying about frequent trips to a charging station.

The LVs come equipped with a dining and living area with a TV. There’s a kitchen area with an island, space for a refrigerator, sink, and decent storage. Bathroom right next to the kitchen with a shower and a sink.

The bedroom can be fixed or you can have it where it can be folded up to have more space and have a desk to work on. Has AC and heating, WiFi, and LTE connection for your portable devices, and has a deck to relax.

Let's remind people, this is a luxury vehicle. This isn’t your everyday run-in-the-mill trailer. These new models, Living Vehicle 2021, prices range from over $200,000 to over $350,000. Wow, that’s as much as a house!

They come in three models: Core, Max, and Pro, Core being the least pricey and Pro being the most expensive. They have options where you can do monthly payments for the LVs just like you can with a house.

The LV trailers are a great option for those wanting to have a comfortable place to live without being limited to just one location. Having access to solar power is great for having a clean source of energy and protecting the environment. You can travel and work at the same time in your new LV trailer and keep the planet as healthy as possible.

Better thyself, Better thy nation. Once the nations are right, the world will be right.

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