Are People Willing To Make Sacrifices To Protect The Environment?

Photo by Mert Guller on Unsplash

Our planet is going through a lot of changes. Pollution in the air and water are on the rise, storms are becoming more chaotic and severe every year, and more animals are becoming endangered or have already become extinct.

A lot of the damages done to the earth is from our doing. We are the ones polluting the air and water, indirectly putting animals endangered of becoming extinct or already are. It appears we don’t care about other live forms on this plant. I have one question for humanity:

Are you willing to make sacrifices to save and protect the planet?

If you say you are, it doesn’t look like you mean it.

We’re acting as if the planet will be around forever no matter how we treat it. We act its too much of a burden or a hassle to recycle are plastics, paper, and aluminum waste.

People in Spokane County, Washington would rather drive to a different state to get dishwashing detergent containing phosphates, a chemical known to pollute lakes and rivers, just for the convenience of clean dishes.

It appears we don’t want to spend the time or the money on greener alternatives. We rather keep spending money on unhealthy food like beef and pork instead of fruits and vegetables. We could save 3 billion hectares of agricultural land by switching to a plant-based diet.

All that extra land can be used to bring back flora and fauna that used to live there. We can help restore biodiversity in those lands again.

Another reason we haven’t made any major moves to save the environment is because people assume it’s too expensive to do so. People were concerned about their taxes being raised and policies introduced have high price tags written in them.

The people don’t want to give money, corporations don’t want to give money; doesn’t look like anyone wants to spend money to save the planet. People think they can do this for free.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but saving the planet will cost us money.

Money will have to be spent in order to undo the damage done to the planet. There’s no shortcuts or cutting corners with this. We are gonna have to put the work in to make this happen.

Not only that, if every single one of us participate in recycling, switching from gas cars to electric ones, and switching to a plant-based diet, we would see a big difference in the world.

This will take a lot of effort from everyone in order to save the environment and the animals that inhabit it. Let’s start making the necessary changes so the next generation can enjoy a clean, healthy planet.

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